KG Maluleke Memorial Disability Integration Organization


NPO - 006 – 282
PBO No*: 930039188


Public Benefit Organization


Postal Address:  P. O Box 361, Ramokgopa, 0811
Physical Address:  66 Burger Street, Polokwane, 0699, RSA  
Local Municipality: Polokwane
District: Capricorn
Name, Surname and position: Dr. Morokolo Sathekge – Chief Operating Officer
Telephone: 015 291 4138
Fax: 086 648 4895
CELL:  083 302 9975
EMAIL: /                  


Name, Surname and Position: Mathudi Chuma- Mangement Committe- Treasurer
CELL:  082 459 0001


Letaba-Helen Franz is a brainchild of two individuals with disabilities. These two were institutionalized and attended primary education at a special school before proceeding to a mainstream school at secondary level. During that time there was no high school for learners with disabilities. It was a great challenge taking into consideration their experiences and comfort in an institutionalized environment.
This might have appeared cruel or unfortunate but instead, it was a blessing in disguise because they were able to socialize and integrate with their able-bodied peers.

Being at mainstream school helped these individual to adjust and adapt to an unprotected environment and interact with able-bodied people earlier than at tertiary level. As opposed to being at a special school, where they were assisted with every aspect of their lives, at mainstream school they started to do things for themselves. They had to start realizing and accepting the fact that they looked different from other scholars, but mentally capable to compete with anyone academically.

Eventually, these individuals proceeded to a medical university, one qualified as a Medical doctor and the other as a Dietician. Their experiences in life made them to come to a conclusion that it was counterproductive for a learner with disability who has academic potential to stay too long in special school. They found it unfortunate that these learners are now encouraged by the present dispensation to study at their own institutions up to Grade 12.

The prolonged institutionalizing makes some learners with disabilities to develop fear and anxiety to proceed to tertiary institutions. Those that eventually got to tertiary institutions may struggle to cope and to adjust to the new environment that they feel is hostile, due to its challenging and competitive nature.

Some learners who stayed for too long in the institutions become fearful to face mainstream society and subsequently resort to disability grants for living instead of education, to add value to their lives. If as a society feel that learners with disability should be institutionalized from grade R to grade 12 and not provide for further education for them, is as if we are saying that is best they can achieve.

 No one is saying that we do not need special institutions of education for learners with certain disabilities. It is a fact that there are those learners whose disabilities are such that they cannot lead independent lives. At the same time, is it correct to institutionalize a learner purely because he or she has a deformed leg, missing finger or walks differently? Institutionalization may deny young people with disabilities opportunities and platforms to unleash their potential.



Empowered self-reliant people with disabilities in an integrated society

7.1 Mission
To unleash the potential and talent of people with disabilities through partnerships, advocacy, mentorship, financial support and creation of enabling integrated environment for economic opportunities nationally.

KG Maluleke, MS Sathekge, A. M Chuma, MC Mamabolo, D Mapoulo, M Semenya, MK Sathekge, O Mohlahlana, C Thupana.


Need identified
The prolonged institutionalizing makes some learners with physical disabilities to develop fear and anxiety to proceed to tertiary institutions. Those that eventually go to tertiary institutions struggle to cope and to adjust to the new hostile, challenging, and competitive environment. Before they could adjust, they would fail their semester academic examinations.

Early Mainstreaming and Disability Integration of People with Disabilities


 Administrator: Joel Mothiba
 Office Assistant/Driver: Tlabego Sathekge
 Mentorship Administor: Thabiso Manaka

Jan has left the office as well as Mahlatse but Tlabego is still there and the new person is Joel


11.1 Membership to the organization shall be requested from interested people and existing members and shall be voluntary without prospects of any financial or material gains.

11.2 Members of the organization must attend its annual general meetings. At the annual general meeting members shall exercise their right to determine the policy of the organization.

11.3 The founding members shall be lifetime members of the organisation in terms of this Constitution subject to meeting the requirements in paragraph 6.4.

11.4 No person may be appointed or remain a member of the KGOMANO if he or she:

a) is not a citizen of the Republic of South Africa

b) is not ordinarily resident in the Province

c) is an unrehabilitated insolvent; or becomes insolvent and the insolvency results in the sequestration of that person’s assets

d) has within the previous ten (10) years been convicted, whether in the republic or elsewhere, of theft, fraud, forgery or uttering a forged document, perjury, an offence under the Prevention and Combating of Corrupt Activities Act, 2004 (Act No 12 of 2004), an offence under the Financial Intelligence Centre Act, 2001 (Act No 38 0f 2001) or an offence involving dishonesty.

e) has at any time been removed from an office on account of misconduct in respect of fraud or misappropriation of money; or

f) Is subject to an order of a competent court holding that person to be mentally unfit or disordered.

11.5 Membership Fees

a) The joining fee for members shall be a once-off R250.00.

b) A memeber shall pay a once-off annual fee of R1200.00 or a monthly fee of R100.00 for a period of 12 months.

c) The once off annuel or monthly fees are payable every year for as long as a person remains a memeber of the organization.

d) A person is declared a memeber once the joining fee is paid in full.

e) Lifetime memebers shall  also be liable to a joining annual or pay monthly fees.


Account name:  Letaba Helen Franz Bursary Scheme
Bank: Standard bank
Type: Cheque Account 
Account number:  251775739
Branch: Mall of the North
Branch code: 052548


Management Committee
Chairperson/COO: Dr. Morokolo Sathekge  (Medical Practitioner)
Treasurer/Finacial Manager: Mathudi Chuma  (Administrator)
Secretary:  Cynthia Mamabolo (Social Worker)
Board Executive Committee
Chairperson: Ambrose Matsheta( Leardership, Constitution)
Deputy Chairperson: Theodora Phalane  (Pharmacist)
Secretary: Gladys Chuene (Human Resource)
Deputy Secretary: Constance Kgatla( Educational Psycologist)
Treasurer: Mapule Ramethape( Financial Mangement)

Additional Members: Lilly Maja, Lethabo Sebothoma


Name and Surname: Regina Sebola
Institution: Capricorn District Municipality
Capacity: Special Focus Manager
Telephone number: 015 294 1000 / 082 417 2115




1. NAME OF PROJECT:  Disability Integration

Learners with physical disabilities to be integrated into mainstream high schools.


The prolonged institutionalizing makes some learners with physical disabilities to develop fear and anxiety to proceed to tertiary institutions. Those that eventually go to tertiary institutions struggle to cope and to adjust to the new hostile, challenging and competitive environment. Before they could adjust, they would fail their semester academic examinations.



 Administrator: Joel Mathiba
 Office Assistant/Driver: Tlabego Sathekge
 Mentorship Administrator: Thabiso Manaka

Thabiso manaka is our new mentorship administrator.

Microsoft Office proficiency (as much of the Office Suite as possible)
• Typing speed
• Ability to work without supervision
• Attention-to-detail
• Communication skills
• Organizational skills
• Ability to multi-task
• Computer skills
• Medicare and or Medicaid knowledge
• Office Skills
• Customer service skills
• Respect the confidential nature of medical information
Excellent problem solving and conflict resolution skills
• Exhibits strong leadership skills through involvement in Student Government and working as a Resident

• Knowledgeable of management field
• Proven experience in planning and delegating activities for students
• Adapt in working effectively with different types of people on all levels from students to stakeholders and staff
•A highly organized individual who is able to juggle school and work
•A team player who possesses strong interpersonal skills highlighted through participation in the disability integration sector
• Strong mathematical skills; able to analyze and efficiently interpret data.
• Proficient in using Microsoft Office



We do not have our own facilities but we are able to use the ones available for hire. What we do have is  an office were we do our daily office work and when we do want to hold events the facility that we normally use is Landmark lodge beacause they are able to accomudate  us but if they are not availble we can outsource to other places.


Our organization is a member of the Capricorn District Municipality disability forum. We are also a member of the cluster organization: LIMPOPO POLIHANDICAPPED REHABILITATION, EMPOWERMENT AND INTEGRATION. 


  • To create an enabling environment that promotes respect and gives voice and dignity to people with disabilities through advocacy
  •  To create enabling integrated educational environment for people with disabilities through mentoship and financial support
  • To identify and forge a sustainable partnership with relenvant stakeholder
  • To create economic opportunities for people with disabilities
  • To develop programs and strategies that will create organizational financial sustainability
  • To strengthen families of people with disabilities to cope with situations that cause vulnerability


This project seeks to accomplish the following results:
 Beneficiaries able to cope well at learning environment
 Proper study materials for beneficiaries
 Beneficiaries being able to make career choices of studies according to their subject, interest and capacity
 New beneficiaries feeling most welcome at their new school


To unleash the potential and talent of people with disabilities through partneships, advocacy, mentorship, financial support and creation of enabling integrated environment for economic opportunities nationally.


The organization identifies learners with physical disabilities who are placed at Tshilidzini, Helene Franz and Letaba Special Schools and place them at mainstream high schools (Harry Oppenheimer Agricultural, St. Brendan’s Catholic, Thohoyandou Technical and SJ van der Merwe Technical High). These should be learners who despite their physical disabilities are able to lead independent lives with minimal supervision or assistance. These are learners who display academic excellence. Furthermore the program provides mentorship to learners with disabilities in preparation for independent learning and work environment. 

Key Activities

 Facilitate integration of learners at Primary Special Schools into mainstream High schools.
 Mentorship of learners with disabilities placed at mainstream institutions.
 Facilitate entrance of learners with disabilities into tertiary institutions.
 Facilitate placement of young people with disabilities into job markets.
 Documentation of the successful model.
 Participating in the local, national forums.
 Identification of economic opportunities for people with disabilities.
 Stakeholder management.
 Facilitation of discussions between parents, youth and educators. 

Schools as local resources (a)

Schools such as Harry Oppenheimer Agricultural High, SJ van der Merwe Technical High, St. Brendan’s Catholic Secondary and Thohoyandou Technical High are used to implement organizational objectives. These schools are working with the organization by admitting learners from different special schools. The integration programs help mainstream society to get exposed on different needs and challenges which people with disabilities face on daily basis.


Local Businesses and People (b)

The organization depends mostly on local businesses to raise funds for execution of activities. Big companies such as Mercurius, Lamprint Polokwane etc. are funders of the organization. Individuals also assist the organization either making donation to our organization linking the organization with potential sponsors. It also depends on funds that are raised when holding our yearly bursaries awards and fund raising dinner during the national disability day celebration by recruiting people to buy tickets for the event


In the year 2013 the organization placed 7 learners in different mainstream high schools. We have placed three more learners for the year 2014.

All of these children have completed and are now at college,university or working and we now have new learners.

Here is an updated list of our 2020 beneficiaries.

St. Brendan’s Catholic Secondary School

1. Wamashudu Mudzanani  – Grade 8

2.Ramaesela Khumalo – Grade 12 (indirect)

3.Lerato Mathose – Grade 12 (indirect)

Harry Oppenheimer Agricultural High School

1.Mahlogonolo Zulu – Grade 11

2.Panic Maluleke – Grade 9

3.Ndaedzo Mphila – Grade 9

4 Jan Mosupya – Grade 8

Thohoyandou Technical High School

1 Brilliant Mabasa – Grade 12

2.Athembeaho Muavhela – Grade 11

SJ van der Merwe Technical High School

1.Thabile Kabini – Grade 10

2.Robert Nkwana – Grade 9

3.Noliswa Molokwane – Grade 11

There have been direct and indirect achievements. Teachers, learners, parents, and employers have benefited indirectly from our programs.

The following learners who were in grade 12 last year have all passed with diplomas:

1.Ramaesela Khumalo – Diploma

2..Lerato Mathose – Diploma

3. Brilliant Mabasa - Diploma

We congragulate them all they overcome despite the COVID-19 restrictions & regulations shine learners shine.

New Leaners

We have new learners who have joined the organization and are attending at their respective schools

1) Dikeledi Mahapa -St brendens catholic High School

2) Lethabo Marobola - Sj van de merwe Technical High School

3) Vhutlari Chauke -Thoboyandou Technical High School

I can confidently say that our new learners have adjusted well so far to their new schools up to so far.


1 Over 2000 able-bodied students are exposed to living with people with disabilities on daily basis.
2 Over 100 teachers in mainstream schools are exposed to teaching learners with special needs on daily basis.
3 The organization in partnership with National Financial Aid Scheme participates in career guidance exhibitions in order to expose learners to different careers and tertiary education funding.
4 The organization has a working relationship with local youth organization namely Establishment for Comprehensive Youth Development.
5. A number of private sector companies such as Mercurius, Protea hotel, and Limprint Services are some of our regular sponsors.
6. Some members of the community help us in selling Casual Day stickers.

Community Initiatives

Community members take initiative by providing our organization with donations or linking the organization with potential sponsors.

We receive lots of support from community members in terms of availing themselves free of charge in our activities such as Career guidance Workshops.

The Disability Day events are always well supported and attended.
We also receive support during our annual Casual Day events.

Through the assistance of some community members we are able to place young disabled people in learner ships in different public job environment.

The beneficiaries at mainstream schools receive support from fellow students and teachers.  Furthermore we are also donating wheelchairs and crutches since we got a donation from Rotary Club and Energy Fm and Choice Fm and up to so far we have donated 3 wheelchairs. We also got a donation of adult diapers from NMCF who are one of our partners that we work with, and these diapers we have given some to our learners.

Energy Fm Radio show

We have been given the opportuinity to speak on energy Fm once a week to speak about disabilities issues which is done by Tlabego Sathekge. And the radio show is going very well and the community is also enjoying the show, but due to the fact that their is  corona virus the radio shows have been temporarly suspended but we are thinking of doing it on a call basis. We also  form part of the Board of directors at Energy Fm with Tlabego Sathekge as the secretary. 

We are still doing the radio shows and it is going very well and we are reaching more and more people thanks to Energy Fm and Choice Fm.

Thobela Fm

We have also partner with thobela fm which also gives us a slot once every month to speak about disability issues and challenges etc our next slot will be next month. 


We also have a new sponsor which is hlangnisa on a 1 year contact and the money assist in the daily activities of the day including paying stipends , doing activities etc.


As of 2021 our contract with hlaganisa as eneded we have now started working with POWA(People Opposing Women Abuse) on a one year contract they assist us in advocation for women who are abused by their partners or anyone else in their community. It is also in partnership with joko.





Dr. HL Moloto

Harry Oppenheimer Agricultural High School


Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund (NMCF) St. Brendan’s Catholic Secondary School

Ms. Khosi Mvulane

Dr. S N Ntjie

Thohoyandou Technical High School


Helene Franz Special School

Enos Sathekge

Letaba Special School

George Ntwampe

Tshilidzini Special School

Community members

Lebowa Funerals


Energy Fm

Nelson Mandela Children's Fund ( NMCF)

POWA in partnership with JOKO