Letaba Helen Franz identifies learners with physical disabilities who are studying at Letaba, Helen Franz and Tshilidzini Special Schools and place them at mainstream high schools. These should be learners who despite their physical disabilities are able to lead independent lives with minimal supervision or assistance. They should also be learners who display academic excellence. Furthermore the program provides mentorship to learners with disabilities in preparation for independent learning and work environment. The learners are chosen based on their academic records so that we have an idea of how they will perform under our program

What we Do :

  • We instill independency in the lives of people with disabilities.
  • Prepare them to face the future and survive.
  • Family support in terms of advice.
  • Facilitate the mainstreaming of people with disabilities.
  • Mentoring and giving support when needed.
  • Guidepeople with disabilities to prioritise education rather than depending on social grants.
  • Job placement and linkages.

What Motivates us to do what we do

The gap (social, economic etc) that exist between people with disabilities and the so called able body people. We aim to close this gap and make society accept diabled people as normal human beings.

The potential which people with disabilities possess.

The misunderstood perception on people with disabilities and the differentiated community.

To allow people with disabilities to be able to work in any career that they want.

Level of poverty within families of people with disabilities.

Lack of literacy, responsibility, morals, economic opportunities and professionalism in the community.